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"ABC's for New Parents" Book - Feedback Survey

We greatly value hearing your views about the “ABCs for New Parents” book. Your feedback will have an impact on future ABCs books. 

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Nurturing Behaviours
(This section is especially for parents and caregivers)

Already doing and will do even moreNow doing because of what I read in the ABC’s bookPlan to do because of what I read in the ABC’s book
Let my baby lie on me skin-to-skin
Talk to my baby, tell stories, name things
Comfort and cuddle my baby when they are upset
Sing or hum to my baby
Try to read my baby’s cues and name baby’s feelings
Play often with my baby and encourage smiles
Give my baby regular tummy time
Read to my baby and point at pictures in books
Use touch to communicate lovingly with my baby
Encourage my baby to explore a variety of objects, textures and materials
Look into my baby’s eyes and avoid using my phone when connecting with my baby
Try to keep my baby away from TVs and other electronic screens
Have some predictable routines
Recognize and use safe sleeping practices
Call on trusted friends and family when I need help


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Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree or DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
This book can help new parents understand what nurturing behaviours look like, and that they can do them.
This book can help new parents increase their level of confidence and enjoyment as a parent.
The resources at the back of the book are helpful.


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